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The Elegant Profile of Bal Mabille

Louis Anquentin, 1888



Early 19th century paint set

Nope that’s a fucking magic potion kit

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Dining Room, Aiken-Rhett House - Historic Charleston Foundation

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Paris , Jardin du Luxembourg , La fontaine des Quatre-Parties-du-Monde ou fontaine de l’Observatoire ,  entre 1880 et 1890 .

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Inside Eugène Atget’s home

Photographed by Eugène Atget

Paris, late 1800s

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"Chez l’artiste" by Albert Edelfelt, 1881

- Fyodor Dostoevsky  (via feuille-d-automne)
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I wonder.

don’t you?

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viα books0977: Photograph of Mills College Office (1880s), detail.

"I can’t say that the college-bred woman is the most contented woman. The broader her mind the more she understands the unequal conditions between men and women, the more she chafes under a government that tolerates it." — Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906), U.S. suffragist.

Mills College! Go Oakland!

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An Afternoon Idyll (1874). Auguste Toulmouche (French, Academicism, 1829-1890). Oil on canvas.

The ladies previously reading wear fashionable gowns decorated with large satin ribbons, ruffled lace sleeves and multiple petticoats which demonstrate the absolute height of fashion in France during the mid 1870s. Painstaking detail has been put into the modeling of these gowns as well as their luscious fabrics and bright colors. In fact the color pink was a rather recently developed artificial dye at the time.

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Let’s pretend this pilaster is in New Orleans (because I don’t know where it’s from). m’kay?

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4717 St. Charles Avenue & The Brown House - 1902

Via Nutrais.Org